How to Get A+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

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How to Get A+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich - Android-based mobile games, it is very entertaining users. Line Let's Get Rich, is the online Monopoly game the same as the previous version for PC Computer is ModooMarble. The difference of the game with the pc android is the names of the characters and the presence of Level Class each player.

What is a game Line Let's Get Rich? Game Let's Get Rich or some people call it Get Rich just a game of monopoly-like Modoo Marble, just Modoo Marble for gaming computer while Let's Get Rich became a part of the Line game and released for smartphones like Android and iPhone that you can play online together Line your friends all over the world. Because this game is based on the social as well as facebook games then you should use the Line application to be able to play the game Let's Get Rich's. and trust me this game is really addictive!

By having the card with the highest level, ie A+ or S then we can more easily win the game. But it also depends on the level of increase in the ability of (Enhancement), and the incorporation of MAX card (Combination). So, how do I get an A+ in Line Card Let's Get Rich Android? Before you know beforehand follow the following tutorial to be easier for you while playing the game.

A+ Class Card Line Let's Get Rich

1. Character Card (fig, Richard Wu, Ariane, Santino, Whitney, Dennis, Diana, Ming-Ming, Brown, Steve, Smile, Simple, etc)

Character cards are characters that we choose at the beginning of play and are used when playing Line Let's Get Rich. Each card has its own characteristics which is divided into 7 different elements, which include:
  • Exit Isle: Increases the chance to get double dice while in Remote Island so escaped.
  • Bonus Game: Increases the chance to win at the game center up to 3x max 9M
  • Lower Cost: Improving discount rental payments and pay taxes
  • Golden Chance: Increases the chance to get a gold card like Around the World, Angel Cards, Discount Rental, Swap City.
  • Cheap Build: Improving discount when buying building
  • Dice CTRL: Making the numbers on the dice in accordance with the gauge on the rollbar when shuffle
  • Acquire DC: Improving discount when taking over the city opponent
The cards were also divided into four grade or level, namely grade A+, grade A, grade B and grade C. Each grade also has a different level of the maximum level. Card grade A+ has a maximum level up to 25, grade A to 20, grade B reaches 15, and grade C only to 5. To improve the grade and level of a card, you have to perform enhancement and combination.

Dice played in Line Get's Rich has different characteristics. The better the dice, the more addition to the elements of your card. Not only that, the dice were very nice also can reduce your ranking points shortage of defeat in the game. You want to be a rank 1 continues in this game? So keep your ranking points to buy dice that have this functionality at a price of 170 diamonds for example, red and white star-shaped.


By having a wide range of goods/additional items then we can have certain special skills. Pendant is generally in accordance with the character cards that we have. If the card we Level A+, then there are 3 different slot types pendant and can be filled. To open the slot to 4 Pendant with symbol S easy way is to increase the pendant type A to MAX and then in combination with pendant A+ 5 Max too.

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How to Play Game Let's Get Rich So Can Get Rich Quick

Along with the many users of the game Let's Get Rich in the world, a variety of tricks to win the game or how to get a win as many began to appear on the Internet. Start of trick to get an A+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich, How to Get a Diamond in the Line Let's Get Rich, As Powerful way to win the game on the Line Let's Get Rich. Then as a new user online game Let's Get Rich manner as if the first time we shall try? In this article I will share a few tips on how to play the Get Rich in order to be victorious in every game, or a minimal increase your chances to win from your friends.

Play a game center including Let's Get Rich is not only rely on skill or luck alone. In the game there is always a certain patterns that we can follow to win. This pattern is taken from the game Modoo Marble and probably still applies to game LINE Let's Get Rich is, Considering Get Rich also made by the same developer.

Well, if in Game Modoo Marble using pictures and numbers, then in the game Let's Get Rich uses the term head and tail. Here is the pattern with the letter H for head and T for tail:

If previously is HHHHHH, then the next is HHT
  • HHHHHT then the next is THT
  • THHHHH then the next is TTH
  • HHTHHH then the next is HTT
  • HHHTHH then the next is HHT
  • THTTHH then the next is TTT
  • THTHTT then the next is HHT
  • TTTHHH then the next is HTT
  • THHHHT then the next is TTH
  • THHTTT then the next is THT
  • HTTTTH then the next is HTH
  • THTHTH then the next is HHT

In addition to observing the pattern of the important things to note from the trick play Let's Get Rich This is the strength of character cards, Game Get Rich can be downloaded for free by users Line but of course you could further strengthen the character of your games by using Diamond, yes you can get diamond with a win keeps the game or buy the original money. Usual, one of the characteristics of modern games now have to pay in order to become stronger character, which is also the revenue of the creator of the game. But without paying any origin can still be good at the game. That is why the card becomes very important character.

After knowing the elements let into the main discussion is How To Get A + in Line Card Let's Get Rich. Here are tips and tricks of Line Let's Get Rich:

How to Get A+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich

Getting card A+ Class Card From Premium Card Pack

The First Way to get an A+ Class Card in Line Let's Get Rich, of course, from the premium card pack. Premium card packs can be bought in shop with diamond or reward from the game or the weekly leaderboard. But it also must be remembered that the contents of premium card pack B to A+ so its possible to get a card A+ is very small, there is also also guaranteed a class pack but do not know its contents A~A+ or A only, because the pack was hard to come by.

Getting card A+ Class Card by doing Combination

Combination is a process to raise the grade of the character cards that you have with both the MAX level. To be able to do a combination you must first have two cards that have the maximum level. For example, combining the two cards grade C level 5 will produce a new card with a grade of B. Then the card combination with grade A Maximum Level 20 will get A + card.

In addition through the enhancement process and combination, you can also get a card that has a high-grade character by buying Character Card Pack in stores are usually much Discounts. Currently there are 6 types of Character Card Pack namely:
  • Card Pack (+5): Contains 5 random cards from grade C to A, for 5000 gold
  • Card Pack (+10): Contains 10 random cards from grade C to A, for 10,000 gold
  • Card Pack (+30): Contains 30 random cards from grade C to A, for 30,000 gold
  • Premium Card Pack (+5): Contains 5 cards grade B and above, for 50 diamond
  • Premium Card Pack (+10): Contains 10 cards grade B to the top, at 100 diamond
  • Premium Card Pack (+30): Contains 30 cards grade B and above, for 240 diamond
Overall you can store up to 200 types of cards. But if there are many cards that are not used then you can sell it. The selling price of each card will vary depending on the grade level and also has. Able to buy using Gold, Clover, Diamonds, etc.

Get card A+ Class Card By getting the prize 30 Card Pack from CUBE

A+ Class Card

Cube or called cubic dice are randomized prize package elements randomly. To get the best gift of Diamond Cube, Cube Gold, Silver Cube, and Brown Cube is no secret trick.

The trick is to use the Mystic Powder. Mystic Powder is herbal ingredients to integrate Clover/leaves into gold and precious elements. If you do not have enough Mystic Powder follow these tips:

First, when clicking on Solve CUBE with Clover certainly no time left right. Now, please open the Cube at night when people rarely play or 5 o'clock in the morning. Why is that? Because of the fewer who do random gift from Cube the percentage gets better gift was great. Remember, GAME MADE BY USING MATHEMATICAL FORMULA and logical.

Second, when opened CUBE make sure before you have not played at all. Or so-called new log after a sleepless night.


Yes this event taking place before the latest update, so make sure you buy 200 diamonds can with Visa, Master Card, Google Wallet or purse you to get a card in the line get rich + android.

To get an A+ in Line cards get rich, you must often play to get EVENT Pendant A +, If you succeed get 1, then you will get 200 free diamonds at the next event, then buy the one Premium Character Card that use 192 diamonds.

That was tips on getting a good card and Maximum characters. If you have other ideas, please share in the comments box below. Thank you for your support.
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