Update Line Rangers Mod Apk v1.1.6 (Unlimited No Delay)

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Update Line Rangers Mod Apk v1.1.6 (Unlimited No Delay) - Due to many requests latest update of Line Ranger Mod apk, then simply I share here. Game Line Rangers is one of the online games in the Android developed by Line. On Line Rangers game you fight against the enemies to save Sally with the help of the ranger you have.

Now the Rangers Line has released version v.1.1.7 yet to try the mod or cheat that still work you have to use the Line Rangers v.1.1.6. So I have spent several months addicted to playing games Line Ranger. Quite surprising because usually I get bored with the game. Prior to this LR game, I've played Pokopang and Line Jelly. No sooner had I stayed with 2 games before I uninstalled it from my gadget.

I want to talk a bit about the game's Line Ranger. Key gaming LR is PATIENCE, and THINK TACTICAL. Patient because sometimes necessary to pass the first stage is relatively long time. My record: 4 days to get past level 100. tactical thinking in terms of, you have to find a solution to conquer your opponent by exploiting the advantages of each ranger that you have.

Update Line Rangers Mod Apk

Frankly, my success there is because I have a ranger KSM, one of the strongest existing ranger. Some people may not need ranger KSM, but with my KSM could defeat the enemy more easily (and quickly).

Line Rangers

Line Rangers Tactics

Here are tactics that I used to play the game LR:
  • If the enemy at that level to move quickly, then use tactics: 2 Ranger SPLASH, 1 Ranger HEALTH / BALANCE, and 2 Ranger ATTACK (with the requirement that a small gem). I used to use: KSM, SOL (or Luke or Clara), Fighter Moon / Macho Moon, Crush, Scott (or Glenn).
  • If the enemy at that level moved forcefully to normal, I usually use tactics: 1 SPLASH Ranger, Ranger HEALTH 2, and 2 Ranger ATTACK (with intermediate gem). Example: KSM / SOL, Fighter Moon / Macho Moon, Sindy, Ellin.
  • At level 100 and up, I usually reach level 4 before start attacking. In the middle of the fight, I just raise the level up to level 8 gem needs.
  • Prepare a meteor rain, hail, hurricanes, and recovery + friend before the fight. For a friend, make sure you take advantage of because otherwise it will be deemed forfeited. While the 4 For this first item, if you do not use it will not scorch.
  • Find it difficult to penetrate a certain level? Game Line Ranger (LR) now have improved much. New levels, new stages have been provided by the creator and developer of this game.
  • The new level has reached 132 level with the level of Maze. Quite difficult for me to move forward rapidly and because all rangers that I have seems inadequate.

Line Rangers Tips

New stages that are provided are "Endless Mode" and "Battle Mode". In the endless mode we will fight enemies LINE Ranger from level 1 to level past that we have achieved. Very fun and exciting fight an enemy that does not stop coming. As for Battle mode we will fight the enemy who were randomly selected. The record I achieved was my win 50 times in a row.

To get a free ruby, follow these steps. First, log in every day (although not playing). If you regularly log in every day, then in a week you will get 35 ruby (free). Second, play battle mode. Although it hard to reach the top ranking, but you can get 20 MINIMUM ruby / week. Total general you can get 55 ruby / week. In a month can be obtained 220 ruby.

Use ruby in gacha ONLY DURING EVENT as the following example. Thus the chance of getting a ranger 5 * would be great! I never 'fad' try gacha which 100 ruby (got 6 rangers) outside the event. The result was very disappointing! I get: 1 ranger 5*, 1 ranger 4* and the rest, 4 ranger 3*. Meanwhile, if I try to at the time the event, which I get 3 ranger 5*, 1 Ranger 4* and 2 Ranger 3 *.

Here are some important tips.

Ranger team
  • In the 85-96 level, use 3 ranger with mineral composition slightly +2, Ranger with the ability splash.
  • To pass and win the 97-108 level, a ranger can use with composition: 1 health, 1 balance, 3 splash.
  • As for the 109-120 level, I use 1 health, 1 balance, 1 attack, 2 splash. Replace Soc Cony with KSM, it was better.

Combat tactics

  • For level 85-108, raise the level of minerals to 4, a new enemy attack. DO NOT raise the level of minerals to level 8 at the beginning of the game, because of the possibility of losing would be great.
  • Enemy at the level of 100, 104, and 108 are relatively easy. Here it is time to get the rangers with high star (4 * and 5 *), for example Xan, Witch Con. Make them master. Skill required: good at stopping spin.
  • In the 109-112 level, raise the level of minerals up to level 8, the new attack.
  • In the 113-127 level, gradually increase the level of minerals with occasionally issues ranger to withstand enemy attacks. Minimal mineral concentration level 4 new full attack.

Line Rangers Mod Apk v1.1.6

How to Install
  1. Uninstall the new Ranger LINE (updated version), and then install Line Rangers v.1.1.6
  2. Download and install Line Rangers Mod Apk v1.1.6 and open.
  3. Grant root permissions
  4. Then select the Line Rangers Mod Apk v1.1.6 by way of a check.
  5. Click on Hit & Run
  6. Enjoy the game

Download Line Rangers Mod Apk v1.1.6

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