Main Features of Samsung Galaxy S6

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Main Features of Samsung Galaxy S6 - As we said in our article titled Samsung Galaxy S6 Ready For Continued Success Galaxy S5 which has the features and specifications are fairly sophisticated for premium mobile classroom, and what are the features of Samsung Galaxy S6 mainstay of this? whether the features available in the latest premium mobile phone Samsung can get back into the belle of premium mobile phones in 2015? or Samsung Galaxy S6 will be cheerleaders at a premium? to know that these features reviews samsung phone s6 tabloid version that was made based on the leaked specs samsung s6 we received at our editorial desk.

Outstanding features of this Samsung Galaxy S6 when viewed from the leaked specifications that go into our editorial desk still rely on features like Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified), IP67 certified - dust and water resistant Water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes, Air gesture, Heart rate , Camera and large RAM capacity.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features

Fingerprint Sensor Features

Fingerprint Sensor Features (PayPal certified) is one of the security features of Samsung Galaxy S6, with this feature you do not need to worry about the Samsung Galaxy S6 security, because with this feature it means that if you use the feature Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified) is then Your mobile phone can only be opened by a fingerprint that you have, not the advanced security features of Samsung Galaxy S6 this? not only is it a function of Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified), there is one more function which is its main function, which is that you can shop online with Paypal payment method, for those of you who do not know what it is paypal money online storage area, usually the online business enthusiasts are familiar with paypal name, yup with Fingerprint sensor features (PayPal certified) that you no longer need to enter a password simply by fingerprint you then process online payments via paypal can be done with the features Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified) is.

IP67 Certified Features

IP67 certified Features - dust and water resistant Water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes is one of the features popularized by the Sony Xperia series, with these features, the phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 already get a certificate that is waterproof and dust, but of course, although Samsung Galaxy S6 is already waterproof and dust be limits on how long and how deep the water that can be retained by the phone made by Samsung this, the article as we know that the nature of water is able to occupy space even though only a few gaps that can be attended , and water also has the pressure, therefore waterproof certificate is only able to survive in the water for 30 minutes and at a depth of 1 meter. If the Samsung Galaxy S6 more than that, it stands to reason that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will soon take in water and the resulting destruction of this phone.

Air Gesture Feature

Air Gesture Feature

Air Gesture Feature is a fairly advanced features, without having to touch the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone you can navigate the phone s6, sophisticated instead? using air gesture sensors, this certainly is one of the advanced features and mainstay of Samsung Galaxy S6, you do not have to dirty your hands by touching the screen of a mobile phone from Samsung is made to do activity in the mobile phone, almost all of these activities can be done by using The advanced features, and this is one more value than Samsung Galaxy S6.

Heart Rate Features

Heart Rate Features is one of the health features possessed by Samsung Galaxy S6, the article with these advanced features you can monitor your heart rate while resting or exercise, of course, these advanced features can be very useful especially your mobile phone will be more useful to health, the article phone is one source of radiation that is closest to our bodies, with this feature you can certainly be healthier by checking your heart rate.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

The camera of Samsung Galaxy S6 slightly better than the other s series, the article is in the rear camera of this phone has a large capacity, using a 20 MP camera that is equipped with phase detection autofocus, LED flash, Dual Shot, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face / smile detection, HDR and capable of recording video at 2160p @ 30fps quality, 1080p @ 60fps, 720p @ 120fps, HDR, of course, the camera is one of the mainstays of the mobile phone vendors made by samsung this, you can use the camera of Samsung S6 for various purposes such as photography and create their own videos without having to fear the result will be ugly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 RAM

RAM is one of the important factors for the performance or the performance of the smart phone itself, with many advanced features embedded in Samsung S6 course makes this premium Samsung handset arguably greedy in the use of RAM, the Samsung'm very much aware of the therefore the Samsung give large RAM capacity for samsung galaxy S6, with 3 GB of RAM you certainly do not need to worry about the performance of which will be given the latest premium mobile phone from the Samsung.
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